The Wong Lab

Single-molecule Force Studies


relevent group publications

K. Halvorsen, D. Schaak, and W.P. Wong, (2011), Nanoengineering a single-molecule mechanical switch using DNA self-assembly, Nanotechnology 22 (49), 494005 (2011). [pdf] [link]

We are engineering nanoscale tools for studying biomolecular interactions with DNA self-assembly. For example, we have developed a novel DNA mechanical switch that changes states under force to enable new studies in single-molecule kinetics.

Validation of single-molecule force spectroscopy results for the rupture of DNA hybridization: Rupture force histogram for shearing a 20 bp DNA segment, demonstrating the filtering of erroneous data via the looped linker molecular signature.

Trajectory demonstrating repeated rupture and formation of a single receptor–ligand pair (digoxigenin with its monoclonal antibody): (left) force versus time and (right) force versus extension traces for repeated cycles of force application and release. Bond rupture events are observable by a sudden drop in force and an increase in tether length, as demarcated by red arrows. Rebinding/bond formation during a low force clamp can be observed by subsequent bond rupture under the application of force.